Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy FATanniversary!

We must celebrate our past of victories and success in life no matter how big or small the feat. I've been celebrating my weight loss/lifestyle change since 2005. I walked into a Columbus, Ohio Weight Watchers on February 11, 2005. My mother had offered to pay to get me started. She had wanted me to start right after the new year but I couldn't dare deal with all those women lined up like a Christmas shopping rush ready to lose weight. I waited until the dust settled. Week by week my mother urged me to go. I went on a Tuesday and ran out crying but determined. I wasn't my heaviest but I was obese and it hurt, literally.

Every year I celebrate in my own little way. All year long I realize I beat myself up and I am truly my own critic. It takes me looking at my before picture to really put things in perspective. Today, I made myself up putting on my most expensive red lipstick (MAC) and took my time looking at myself in the mirror not once criticizing the woman staring me back. I thought I would lose weight and be done with that part of my life and that's it. I've found that's not the case and it's a lifestyle change and it takes work and I'm nowhere done. I've got so much to do.

If I could tell my 27 year old self what to expect I would tell her what I tell everyone so...
I'll compile a list:
  • Starting is the hardest part. 
  • Fear will cripple and destroy you. Fear nothing. 
  • My grandmother had in her classroom, "If at first you don't succeed...try try try again."
  • It won't be easy. Giving up is harder. 
  • Don't expect change overnight. 
  • Expect to fall down. Get back up. 
  • There will be bad days. They are necessary. 
  • Love yourself no matter. 
  • People will critique you and call you names. 
  • People will EXPECT you to FAIL. 
  • You can do it on your own. 
  • Keep running. It will get easier. 
  • Keep running. Get a good sports bra. You will run half marathons. You will run faster than you did as a kid. 
  • Failure is not an option.
  • Take your health seriously like it's your job. 
  • You are the only person holding you back from achieving your goals. 
  • There are NO EXCUSES. 
  • YOU are never finished. 

I lost two extraordinary women growing up. They barely made it to my current age. My cousin dropped dead of an enlarged heart. I wonder if she would have taken better care of herself and taken her health seriously would she still be here today to see her grandchildren?

I value my time here on earth and how I'm still here so I need to honor my health. So, if I could comfort myself back on February 11, 2005, I would sit next to me in the car hand over some tissues and simply say, "DON'T STOP." 

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Charita Nunery said...

I have been able to see your changes and " hear" some of your struggles in person and on Facebook ! Congratulations to you on a job well done. Hope to see you again soon.