Saturday, July 16, 2011

100 pound challenge!!!

Here is what 100 lbs of FAT looks like! Gross huh?

I've been on my quest to lose weight all my life but it wasn't until I joined Weight Watchers, again in 2005, that I really changed my life and attitude about my health.

The short and sweet of it I had a goal, well many goals along the way for self improvement, to lose weight and get to 130lbs, my Weight Watchers goal. Well, once I started getting closer I said oh heck let's go for 120 and call it an even 100. If I get to my goal I it will probably be closer to a 150lb challenge since I've gained and lost the same pounds over and over again.

I'm always searching for motivation to get me through my journey. I'm up and down on the scale and sometimes I feel like I'm loosing my mind but what keeps me focused is three numbers: 120. My eye is on the prize at 120 and when I get there I will feel like I accomplished my goal. Ultimately, it's more than the numbers but about my journey. My journey has taught me strength, determination, perseverance, and discipline. I've learned more from my journey than any class I've taken. I'll get there, but in the meantime its me and my journey.

Take a journey within yourself. It's the best trip you'll ever take!

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