Monday, November 08, 2010

100 miles Catch me if You Can!!!

And just around the corner are the holidays aka "endless treats" aka "food comas" aka "laziness" so I know I'm not the only one wanting to combat holiday gain.
So here's a challenge. 100 miles! Catch me if you can!

The person who runs or walks the most miles (over 25 miles) between now and Dec. 15th wins a FREE gourmet dinner made by moi! And a healthy gourmet dinner. If anyone can run at least half the miles at 50 then winner gets a meal or a $25. If no one does anything I just run, eat my meal and keep my gift card. LOL

I know this sounds absolutely cheesy but I always feel like I'm running or working out by myself!! Trying to switch things up here and I need to get some of my recent weight gain off!

So consider me the closet thing to Oprah and you win a free home made dinner! I'm sure no one else is offering you a FREE MEAL for exercise!

Alright who is in?!

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Malicia or "lee" said...

Day 2 of contest and I've only put in 5.5 miles. I tried to do one of my heavy workouts yesterday and today I am paying for it. I hadn't taken of the strictly strength classes at lifetime in a few months from traveling and I should have done my run first!

Today, I thought about running and it was a beautiful day in Atlanta but my body is just too sore. I am hoping to put in some miles tomorrow!

Is anyone out there making dusty trails or hitting some tread?!

:)94.5 miles to go!